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About Me

I grew up in the Seattle area and have always appreciated the beauty and diversity that can be found here. Tattooing allows me to celebrate that diversity by helping others realize their vision of personal adornment. I am just as happy taking your design and turning it into a tattoo as I am with drawing you something unique and personal. 


I specialize in custom tattoos, but also love to do portraits of people and animals. I tend to lean towards organic designs that flow well with body. I appreciate the challenge of collaborating with someone to give them the tattoo that they want, and to make that experience as great as possible. One of my favorite aspects of tattooing is getting to meet so many different types of people and hearing their take on the world. 


In addition to making art I spend most of my time seeing live music and comedy, reading, gaming, playing with kitties, and engaging in various nerdly pursuits. 

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